Cornish History

Rev Densham of Warleggan The Cornish Banner

Reverend Frederick William Densham of Warleggan Church

The Reverend Frederick William Densham (BA ACA) died aged 83 in 1953 after a strange, enigmatic life. A life which has left unanswered questions even

Lady Vyvyan The Cornish Banner

Lady C C Vyvyan – Family Memories

Following my original article on Lady Clara, I came into further information which I shall detail here. I also have been given permission to share some

Prideaux Manor The Cornish Banner

A Short History of the Prideaux Family in Cornwall (1040-1224)

The Pridias/Prideaux clan have been recorded for many centuries. Further details can be found on the website of A A Prideaux. This article originally

Tywardreath Priory Site The Cornish Banner

The mystery of Tywardreath Priory

Tywardreath Priory began with seven monks in 1088, shortly after the Norman invasion and was finally dissolved by Henry VIII in 1536. When the foundation

Lady Vyvyan C C Rogers The Cornish Banner

Lady Vyvyan 1885 – 1976 aka C C Rogers – Biography

Lady Clara Vyvyan was a well known author and wrote lovingly and in detail of Cornwall of the late 19th Century and early to mid 20th Century. What follows

Cornish Personalities

RS Hawker 1908 The Cornish Banner

Robert Stephen Hawker of Morwenstow

Robert Stephen Hawker was born on the 3rd December 1803, five months after George Borrow, who was also a descendant of Cornishmen and was to write

Polridmouth Beach The Cornish Banner

Daphne du Maurier (1907 – 1989) and her Cornish homes.

Daphne du Maurier (1907 – 1989) and her Cornish homes. Dame Daphne du Maurier, Lady Browning, DBE, first saw Fowey in 1923 while descending Bodinnick Hill


Old Age in Old Cornwall

It has long been noted that the climate and atmosphere of Cornwall has been the reason that many inhabitants have felt better within themselves and

The Cornish Banner August 1984

Cornish Notes by Dygemysker – August 1984

Dygemysker was Dr James Whetter and he wrote this column in every issue of An Baner Kernewek detailing interesting snippets of information from around

Dr James Whetter 1983 CNP

General Election 1983- Cornish Nationalist Party

Dr James Whetter stood in the 1983 General Election as a candidate for the Cornish Nationalist Party Dr James Whetter acknowledges loss in 1983 General

More Articles

Gwennap Stone The Cornish Banner August 1986

Cornish Notes by Dygemysker – August 1986

Current Cornish stories of interest were retold in The Cornish Banner each quarter. Kit Hill, 1094 feet high near Callington is being made into a country

The Cornish Banner February 2004

Cornish Gleanings February 2004

Cornish Gleanings by Tom Tucker was a regular feature in The Cornish Banner. This is a selection from the February 2004 edition. How much longer will the

Cartoon The Cornish Banner November 1983

Cornish Language Corner November 1983

Numbers in the Cornish Language Contributed by Catherine Rachel John Deth da Have you been practicing the numbers? Some people find numbers easy to pick

Trelispen Lake

The Countryside in Kernow November 1983

Louise Whetter wrote a series of articles on work done at Trelispen and the surrounding areas. Making a Pond or Lake For some time, we had been planning to

The Cornish Banner November 1995

Cuthbert Mayne: Martyr or Traitor?

The execution of the Catholic priest Cuthbert Mayne in Launceston in 1577 has long been portrayed as bloody and barbaric. Robert Hutchinson is one such